Land Survey Intern

Land Survey Intern

Sigma Consulting Group, Inc., one of Baton Rouge’s “Best Places to Work”, is looking for a Land Survey Intern for our Baton Rouge office.

You will provide support to the senior managers in the survey departments by assisting with surveying projects that involve mapping, measuring, and assessing land features, boundaries, and structures. The ideal candidate will play a crucial role in supporting the land surveying team with various tasks related to data collection, analysis, and documentation.

Key Responsibilities

1.     Assist experienced survey field staff performing work on topographic and boundary surveys, route surveys, stream surveys, and construction stakeouts.

2.     Gain exposure to progressive technology including robotic total stations, GPS, UAS (drone), and LiDAR scanning.

3.     Learn to collect survey data, search for boundary evidence, work in a variety of terrain and outdoor conditions.

4.     Perform physical tasks such as setting stakes and monuments, clearing brush, and hiking.

5.     Utilize surveying software applications to gather, retrieve and interpret important data, and perform fundamental survey computations.

Skills, Knowledge and Expertise

1.     Bachelor’s or Associates Degree in Survey program, or related field of study preferred.

2.     Prior internship experience in Land Survey or related field is a plus

3.     Possession of sufficient physical stamina to work outdoors under various field conditions.

4.     Ability to lift 50 pounds.

5.     Occasional travel may be required.

6.     Valid Driver’s License.