Services Provided

Program Management

Sigma's Program Management service develops both the structure and practices required to guide the program and provides senior-level leadership, oversight, and control. Strategically, it encompasses the relationship between the oversight effort and the commercial/governmental entity's overall business direction and also the decision-making roles and responsibilities involved in executing the program effort.

Sigma has seen that programs require capabilities and resources that are not generally required in the project management role, and which correlate directly with the program's success. The outcome(s) of a program effort can have a significant impact upon business and product viability and Sigma excels in providing the best economic solution for the customer as the Program Manager. Applying sound techniques and practices specific to Program Management can enhance an effort's chances of success and reduce risk. For enterprise-scale work efforts, these practices can enable an organization to pursue its business strategy and remain competitive. Five major aspects of Program Management conducted by Sigma:

  • Governance: Defining roles and responsibilities, and providing oversight.
  • Management: Planning and administering both projects and the overall program.
  • Financial Management: Implementation of specific fiscal practices and controls.
  • Infrastructure: Understanding the program office, technology, and other factors in the work environment supporting the program effort.
  • Planning: Coordinating activities that take place at multiple levels, with different goals.

Contact: Miles Williams, P.E. or Jason Crain, P.E.

Highway Engineering/Transportation Planning

Highway engineering is a core discipline at Sigma. We have designed a wide range of highway infrastructure improvements for various state and local agencies, including interstates, interchanges, urban arterials, rural divided highways, and local roads. We emphasize constant communication with our clients and impacted agencies to coordinate the goals of the project with today's dynamic project costs.

The key to improving today's transportation needs is an effective and informative plan. Our project approach emphasizes strong project management, effective coordination and communication with the impacted agencies, and consideration of supplemental impacts such as the environment, real estate, utilities, material costs and project life cycles.

Contact: Robert Lear, P.E., LSI or Jason Lashley, P.E.

Bridge/Structural Engineering

Man-made structures are a mainstay of our environment. Whether it is a bridge, building, foundation or special application structure, Sigma's engineers take into account the technical requirements, aesthetics, and cost efficiency in every project.

Contact: Greg Sepeda, P.E. or Mike Dooley, P.E.

Land Development Engineering

At Sigma, we provide full design services for private, commercial, and residential developments. From alternative layouts, preliminary plats, local approval processes, construction plans, permitting, bidding and construction administration, we can turn your vacant land into a bustling community or quiet retreat.

Contact: Greg Breaux, P.E., PLS or Jason Lashley, P.E.

Hydraulic/Landfill/Sewer Engineering

With the low lying terrain, high water table, subsiding land and natural flooding; Louisiana a challenging hydraulic setting for development. At SIGMA, we understand the sensitivity and demands of these factors. We can perform drainage impact studies, transportation drainage system design, storm water collection system modeling, detention pond design and site development drainage design. All of our designs incorporate Best Management Practices for erosion control and storm water management.

Sewers & Landfills. They are not pretty but are a vital component of an advanced society. At Sigma, we take into account the latest technology, materials, and design methods to provide an efficient system.

Contact: Jason Crain, P.E. or Greg Sepeda, P.E. or Jason Lashley, P.E.

Land Surveying

Sigma's survey crews and surveying professionals provide a wide range of land surveying services. We have the capabilities and experience in providing GPS control surveys, property surveys, topographic surveys, in-shore hydrographic surveys, flood elevation certificates, slab surveys, construction stakeout. We also can prepare digital terrain models, earthwork computations, right of way maps, plats, and legal descriptions.

Contact: Greg Breaux, P.E., PLS or Robert Lear, P.E., LSI

Construction Administration

At Sigma, we not only provide engineering and surveying, we can see your project through construction. We offer bidding, construction contract documents, contractor selection and construction inspection services.

Contact: Miles Williams, P.E.

Land Acquisition Management

Sigma manages consultants to perform abstracting, appraisals, acquisitions, relocations, negotiations and sometimes expropriations. Our experience has shown this is the absolute most time critical component of getting projects to construction. Sigma has developed a streamlined process to reduce the timeframe for this task. We have implemented a land PIH early in design to look at projects from a land standpoint rather than just a technical standpoint to try and avoid issues and redesign later in the process. We also review Right-of-way/servitude maps from consultants for conformance with program requirements.

Contact: Geoff Wilson, P.E. or Jason Crain, P.E.